Why hire a professional crime scene cleanup company?

Anyone who has witnessed the aftermath of a violent crime knows the trauma and uncertainty left in its wake.

From the anguish and turmoil felt by relatives and loved ones, to the responsibilities of property owners where the crime occurs, there are countless questions that must be answered – all from people under intense stress.

Most often those people will look to law enforcement officials to provide the answers to questions such as, “what next?” and “who is going to clean up after the investigation is complete?” And while police and coroners do their absolute best to assuage grief, they must keep their focus on their jobs, sticking to the tenets of law enforcement and detection.

The cold, hard truth is that, even after incidents such as homicide and suicide, property owners and relatives are responsible for cleaning the crime scene.

This is where professional crime scene cleaners can provide not only solutions but actual solace and closure.

The best crime scene cleaners not only safely restore property, they also offer peace of mind and even a modicum of comfort to those left behind, coping with the effects.

Also referred to as “bioremediation,” crime scene cleanup is a serious and involved process that requires both a full, working knowledge of sanitation techniques, as well as the ability and willingness to help victims of circumstance.

In fact, compassion is just as big a part of crime scene cleanup as the knowledge of what it takes to fully expunge potentially hazardous blood and bodily fluids from building materials. And that is because we offer solutions and certainty to people at a time when little else seems certain in their lives, stepping in to ensure that at least one portion of their problems are handled. This ultimately allows those effected by crime to focus on the recovery/grieving process while not having to worry about what is to be done with the physical aftermath.

This process also helps first responders to focus on their jobs, while not spending their time attending to stricken relatives who are, understandably, full of questions and concerns. In fact, bioremediation experts are often known as “second responders,” as they are on hand to help deal with the situation as soon as first responders have finished their jobs on site. And while crime scene cleaners are not actual members of law enforcement – we do not conduct investigations and only step in after they are complete – we often work closely with police officers and investigators to help families who have experienced a tragic event. In fact, many departments even recommend professional crime scene cleaners to families and property owners. Much of that familiarity is because crime scene cleaners also provide services to the police departments themselves, doing things like cleaning jail cells, police cars, restraints and uniforms, as well as cleaning up after traffic accidents and deaths in public places.

Bioremediation companies are ready to step in the moment the last piece of evidence is collected, bagged, and logged, and the final police officer has left the scene. And, as cleaning up after the murder of a loved one is an unthinkable task charged with emotion and confusion, crime scene cleaners are there to provide some small relief.

Not only that, we possess the knowledge of how to thoroughly and safely restore the scene to full sanitation. It is a very specific and thorough process that requires an extensive education, and it is not fair to expect law enforcement officials to also provide that service when their primary attentions must be focused on solving/resolving the crime.

For instance, spilled blood can have detrimental effects on any building’s interior and can infect current and future occupants with certain bloodborne illnesses if not properly sanitized. And these bloodborne pathogens cannot be eradicated using simple bleach and elbow grease. To properly sanitize any situation requires an understanding of substances such as enzymes, and how they react with and clean blood. And there is the disposal process, which is also specialized, as you cannot simply throw contaminated materials into the trash.

In short, crime scene cleanup is an intricate process best left to professionals. And while bioremediation is not a federally regulated industry, it is something that has been honed by individuals throughout our state – including here in north Georgia.

It also helps victims to know that, in many cases, homeowners insurance will cover the services of a crime scene cleanup company.

In times when bioremediation is required, every bit of knowledge and comfort that crime scene cleaners may provide can be a huge boost to everyone involved in the situation – whether that be first responders, victims or relatives of victims. And, of course, the best bioremediation companies are available 24 hours a day, ready to help in any situation.