Professional Cleanup For When the Unthinkable Happens

No one is ever really prepared for dealing with the death of a loved one. Grieving and having to think about practical matters is an unfortunately common situation.

At Biotrauma, we understand the difficulty and complexity of having to face time-sensitive cleanup work in situations where someone has passed away and not been discovered for a period of time. Cleaning up a living area in the event of an unattended death is at once tragic, while also posing potential health and safety risks at the same time. This isn’t something you should have deal with alone and cleanup needs are more complex than they appear.

Getting Your Living Space Back

When dealing with bio-hazardous substances in a home or other living space, the correct cleanup method is key to ensuring that the environment is safe again for inhabitation. Although difficult, decomposition cleanup must be attended to as soon as possible. Because unchecked decomposition progresses if not dealt with, it can create a spreading toxicity that poses dangerous risks to anyone in the nearby vicinity. Protective equipment and proper tools are required in order to rid the property of harmful contaminants, along with the necessary expertise to meet state and federal decontamination requirements. We offer the following remediation services:

This includes, in any combination,

  • Painting
  • Drywall replacement
  • Carpet replacement
  • Subfloor replacement
  • Other related services.

After our professionals complete the decontamination process, Biotrauma will monitor the installation of these items to ensure the property is returned to its pre-incident condition. Most restoration efforts can be completed the very next day following property decontamination. However, in order to correctly match up carpeting, three days must be given in order for us to obtain the correct style and grade of matching carpet.

The longer it takes for professional cleanup specialists to decontaminate a death scene, the higher the likelihood of spreading bacteria and causing cross-contamination. Bacteria begin breaking down a person’s body after they have passed, and as time goes on, a variety of insects come into contact with the body and its bacteria. Flies and maggots then carry this bacterium to other parts of the home, depositing it in porous materials such as furniture, and making decontamination more difficult. The best way to avoid hazardous material from spreading around the living space is to begin professional cleanup as soon as possible. This is a situation that needs to be handled quickly and efficiently by our decontamination experts in order to lower the risk of spreading hazardous material and restoring the home to a safe condition.

After Death Odor Removal

 Regarding the issue of blood cleanup and subsequent odor issues, Biotrauma utilizes ozone generator technologies, followed by an Odorcide-210 treatment, which kills any blood odor problems and leaves a property smelling like new. By utilizing ozone generators with ultraviolet technology, a stable output of ozone can be generated in the environment. Most other companies utilize corona discharge ozone generators, which require a constant feed of oxygen to have a reliable output of ozone. Unfortunately, properties have a finite level of oxygen, especially when rooms are sealed off. By deploying ozone generators on a property, the blood odor will be completely removed from both the surface and surrounding air.

Following the removal of blood odor, it is always good practice to lay down industrial grade air fresheners. This is because the human mind closely associates smell with memories and therefore, trauma. If a family reenters a property with fresh memories of a loved ones death, even absent the presence of blood odor, it is possible to trigger psychological trauma. The risk of trauma can be avoided with the ozone cleaning method, allowing you to better deal with an already difficult situation.

Restoration Is Key

We know the situation may feel overwhelming in the face of such trauma and loss, but we will help you deal with every aspect of cleanup remediation. At Biotrauma, we offer the utmost professional care and respect in such tough moments—providing the best cleanup services for your situation—while also giving you the official documentation needed to satisfy local and federal requirements. If the unthinkable happens, call on us any time of day or night.