Suicide Cleanup

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Suicide Cleanup Services 

It is not something you even want to contemplate, let alone encounter, but the stark reality is that many suicides leave behind substances that require in-depth knowledge of biohazardous cleansing and disposal. And, should something of this nature happen to you – whether as a family member, employer or property owner – the emotional trauma of the event could leave you looking for help and answers in a way you may never have thought possible.

That is why Biotrauma wants you to know that we are here for you. No matter the situation, we have the knowledge and experience that allows us to step in and safely clean and handle any eventuality. On top of that, our understanding of this extremely delicate situation provides much-needed support to any client in need – and that comes through knowing that we will quickly and professionally handle our job, while allowing you to focus your thoughts elsewhere.

We understand the strains placed on anyone rocked by the ordeal of suicide. Because of that, we also work to protect your privacy by quickly providing efficient and discrete bioremediation.

Why Professional Cleanup is Important

Depending on the nature of the suicide, there may be blood or body fluids left in its wake, as well as related property damage. And substances such as blood can carry potentially harmful or even deadly pathogens – such as viruses, bacteria or even fungi.

Unfortunately, these biohazards cannot be completely and safely removed and disinfected by normal cleaning methods. In fact, they require specialized neutralizing agents handled by knowledgeable and experienced professionals in order to properly remediate.

Effective trauma cleanup demands intensive training and licensing, along with proper equipment. And this is especially true in the case of communicable disease outbreaks – which may remain present long after bodily fluids and blood have dried.


Biotrauma’s Approach to Cleanup

First and foremost, we make the health and safety of our clients and employees our No. 1 goal. With that in mind, please understand that all possible precautions are taken during every step of the process. Also know, that at Biotrauma, we follow all OSHA regulations surrounding bloodborne pathogens.

Our suicide cleanup process was designed to thoroughly remove all traces of blood, fluid and other biological materials while preventing cross-contamination. We then disinfect and deodorize using only EPA or state EPD recommended cleaners and disinfectants. Following the cleanup, we test various locations to ensure all areas previously affected by the trauma are pathogen-free. When the health, safety and security of your family is on the line, know that we never take shortcuts in returning your home to a clean and safe condition.

In fact, we maintain a refined, methodical process that allows you to focus on your emotional well-being, while trusting us to the physical labors of repair. The steps in this process provide peace of mind to you, the client:

Evaluate the Scene: Our initial walk through allows us to define the scope of the cleanup and conduct the industry-recommended employee safety hazard assessment.

Prevent Cross-Contamination: Our team secures and separates the affected area of the property using industry-recommended cross-contamination protocol.

Cleanup biohazards: All visible biological materials are removed from the area of the trauma. Then EPA- or EPD-rated cleaners and disinfectants are used to clean, disinfect and deodorize all affected surfaces.

Confirm results: After cleanup is complete, we use an indicating solution with contaminant-specific field testing kits which shows hospital-level standards of disinfection have been met.


We Provide Service with Compassion

While physical safety and remediation are our priority, the Biotrauma team also understands the emotional stresses generated by any traumatic experience – especially suicide.

That knowledge and our experience means that we understand that the best thing we can do is provide effective, professional service. That includes being discreet and understanding, while also working hand-in-hand with any law enforcement agencies to help expedite the process.

We are also happy to deal with insurance agencies if necessary, helping you to ensure that you are fully covered under your policy for charges incurred during cleanup.

It is this ability to work seamlessly with families during extreme emotional trauma that makes Biotrauma unique.