When should you call for trauma cleanup service?

Trauma can strike at any time, and when you encounter something as devastating as a serious accident, death, a truly distressed property, the presence hazardous waste or beyond, the distress can leave you feeling overwhelmed and forsaken.

That is why it is important to remember that, should you face something of this nature, you are not alone and that there are, in fact, professionals ready to step in and both provide needed service as well as real support for you in the midst of a most trying time.

The question is when should you turn to those professionals? And what exactly are trauma scene cleanup services geared to provide?

After years spent serving property owners throughout the southeast, Biotrauma has gained both an expertise in handling all manner of trauma situations while also providing a great relief to those caught up in the midst of suffering, and we are happy to lend our expertise to any situation. With that in mind, let’s take a deeper look at the answers to prior questions.

When should you call for a trauma cleanup service?

It is not as simple as, “when you know, you know,” as the reasons for employing a trauma cleanup service are varied. But there are some fairly tried and true rules when determining whether you need professional help in remediating a trauma situation.

The first rule in any trauma situation is to call first responders – police, fire, emergency medical technicians. They will ensure your immediate safety and attend to any other public safety needs. Your next step, however, is in contacting a “second responder,” a professional trauma cleanup service that can help you deal with what remains on your property. Because, while first responders do an amazing job, that job does not include the cleaning of property and ensuring it is returned to pristine condition.

That onus is on the property owner. The good news is that professional cleaners will thoroughly and effectively complete the job, leaving you to begin the grieving/recovery process with one less massive concern. Many will also help you in dealing with insurance companies, helping you in every step of the remediation process.

So, when should you call a second responder? Ask yourself some of these questions:


  • Are there significant amounts of bodily fluids present? Any time an accident, death (whether it be homicide, suicide or natural cause) or crime causes the release of bodily fluids – including blood, urine, vomitous or even feces – there is the risk of pathogens being embedded in those fluids. A pathogen is any bacterium, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease. And if significant amounts of bodily fluids are present, not only is it dangerous to come in contact with those fluids it is also extraordinarily difficult to fully and safely remove those substances from the materials which they have contaminated. Safely handling significant amounts of bodily fluids (and we mean enough fluid to seep through and into surfaces) demands the use of both specialized cleaning substances (even bleach and other strong cleansers cannot safely expunge many pathogens) and a knowledge of how these fluids settle into and infect surfaces that may not be seen by the naked eye. In other words, there is no simple way to completely expunge a property of bodily fluids without extensive knowledge and access to materials not readily available in a retail setting. Professionals have that knowledge and can completely and safely cleanse all signs of blood or bodily fluids – as well as dispose of the fluids, as these are not fluids that can be handled by typical disposal means.
  • Has there been an unattended death? An unattended death – especially if it has gone unattended for a significant amount of time – can leave behind all manner of pathogens, both through bodily fluids and even into the air via the bacteria that begin to decompose the body following expiration. Any time you encounter an unattended death, you should contact a professional to help deal with the aftermath.
  • Has there been a homicide or suicide? Again, these acts can leave behind all manner of bodily fluids and pathogens. Beyond that, the instruments involved in their actions can also damage property in ways that may not always be seen by those unaccustomed to trauma cleanup. A professional will know exactly where to look to assure that all remnants of the trauma is remediated. Whether it is a homicide on your property, or you face the prospect of a suicide, professionals such as those at Biotrauma can provide you with immediate assistance.
  • Has there been a large industrial, commercial or even home accident? When large worksite accidents occur, there is always a risk of dangerous to deadly amounts of chemicals being released onto surfaces or into the air. And if your company is not big enough to have its own cleaning crew, you’re going to need someone trained and knowledgeable help in order to return your site or property to a safe condition. The same goes for a large accident on your personal property. A professional trauma cleaner will be able to accomplish the job quickly and completely without fear for their own personal safety, making your home, business or industrial site safe for use.
  • Am I dealing with a hoarding situation? Beyond looking terrible, hoarding can present a real health risk to anyone that encounters it. Serious hoarders often allow animal droppings and urine to build up, which can not only release pathogens onto effected surfaces but also create hideous odors that will not wash out, no matter the amount of scrubbing. Hoarding also attracts pests such as rodents and insects, and these pests present their own health hazards that may not be eradicated easily. The team at Biotrauma can safely and completely cleanse any hoarding situation, while also eradicating any odor, including those associated with feces and urine. They can also restore any distressed property to a state of safety and order.
  • Has my vehicle been involved in a serious accident? Trauma scene professionals don’t just clean homes and businesses, they can also clean cars, eliminating any evidence of blood or other substances.
  • Has my property or job site been exposed to tear gas? Yes, this seems like an extreme case, but if you are unlucky enough to have tear gas released within the confines of or close enough to your property you will quickly discover that it is almost impossible to get rid of the sting and smell of this substance without substantial cleaning. Professionals such as the team at Biotrauma understand how to remove all remnants of tear gas and make your property comfortable once again.
  • Has my home or business been the site of a COVID-19 outbreak? If you have an experienced an outbreak of COVID-19 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, professional trauma cleaners are ready to disinfect your entire property, eliminating any remaining viral particles and making it sanitary for anyone to inhabit/enter.

And, as mentioned earlier, license and experienced trauma scene cleaners have a unique understanding of what you are going through-and thus will do their absolute best to help support you during an extraordinarily stressful ordeal. They do this by not only taking charge of a difficult task, but also by answering any financial questions you may have – including dealing directly with insurance agencies.

Handling the aftermath of severe trauma is never easy – doubly so when it takes place on your property, as you are left to pick up the pieces, while being faced the realities of life. That is why trauma scene cleaners are here, to provide a hand in your time of need.

If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions above please know that the professionals at Biotrauma are available to you 24 hours a day throughout the southeast. Based and licensed in Georgia, we also practice in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. So, no matter what trauma you may be facing, please contact us any time at 404-996-0415.