Natural Death Cleaning

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Unexpected and/or unattended deaths, even naturally occurring deaths, can create tremendous hazards to property and the health of anyone accessing that property.

The bodily fluids and other, natural byproducts of death, especially decomposition, can create bio-hazardous conditions. These conditions require more than simple elbow grease to remove. In fact, death cleanup requires an education of cleaning methods and chemicals, including enzymes and other products, earned only through study and experience.

Biotrauma’s professional team has that experience and know-how. For instance, we know how to properly clean and remediate materials in order to completely eliminate smells and other physical evidence that indicate a death ever occurred on the property.

And when you are dealing with the mental anguish surrounding the passing of a loved one or acquaintance, you do not need the added burden of wondering what to do with the physical aftermath of their death.

That is why our death cleanup options offers you:

Promptness – The longer you wait to clean a property the more problems may be encountered in the death cleanup itself, increasing the work required and time spent in the process.

Experience – More than a decade in the business means that we are properly prepared for the methods and materials required to return a property to its full state of cleanliness.

Professionalism – We know that you are already dealing with a mentally-trying situation, so we offer a sure, steady hand to help your recovery. Our job is not just to erase the physical death but to also help you get your life back on track and allow you to do whatever you want with the property in question.

That is why Biotrauma offers our 24-hour service line, so that we can provide our death cleanup services as soon as you need them. Call us today.