Urine Removal

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If you have ever walked into a home plagued by the smell of urine it is probably something you have never forgotten. And if you have the misfortune of owning a property in this situation then you will want to eradicate that awful, acrid stink as soon as possible.

Typically, it is down to someone, like a renter, for instance, allowing a pet to urinate indoors – and/or not immediately cleaning up afterward. But the smell of urine can also stem from a hoarding situation or even an immobile person that cannot easily reach the bathroom. Whatever the reason, full and complete urine removal is absolutely critical if you want to get rid of that horrible smell.

The bad news is that urine removal, especially is the fluid has been allowed to sit for any length of time, is not as simple as scrubbing away with bleach or household cleaner. Urine can soak into carpets and wood floors, even sub-flooring and concrete, and make the task extraordinarily difficult.

The good news is that a dedicated professional that knows what he or she is doing can find the source of the problem and make that smell a memory.

At Biotrauma, our odor removal experts have the tools and experience to get your property once again smelling the way you want it to.

We will locate the source quickly and determine the source of the smell and determine what steps need to be taken – whether that’s the application of cleaning supplies (such as enzymes that effectively, eat through the urine) or replacing sections of material. And then we will effectively seal your property in order to prevent any odor from returning.

Whatever the situation, we will always keep you informed of what steps we are taking in order to solve the problem and ensure the safety of you and your property is always foremost on our minds.

Call us today and let our odor removal team the urine smell you are combating nothing but a distant memory.