Blood Stain Removal from Business or Home

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If you have even attempted to remove a small speck of dried blood from fabric, you understand how stubborn and difficult it can be.

Now, imagine cleaning that on an industrial scale or with other complications – such as removing blood stains from drywall. And, yet that is only part of the challenge when dealing with blood, as cleaning and disposing of this bodily fluid also presents a potential biohazard to anyone it comes in contact with.

That is why we recommend utilizing a professional for any large blood stain removal in your home or commercial property – and that includes after death cleaning services – in order to remediate it safely.

Blood-borne pathogens can carry a significant health risk. Think about it, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, MRSA are just a few of the pathogens present in blood, and if you come into contact with infected blood, there is always a risk of infection.

That is why our OSHA- and EPA-certified technicians take the utmost care when handling and cleaning any structure that has been exposed to significant amounts of blood.

Our after-death cleaning services will ensure that your household or commercial structure is fully and safely remediated, meeting the highest state of Georgia and federal standards for disposal. You would not throw significant amounts of blood in the trash can, would you? There, the risk for infection spreads beyond just you and could affect an entire community. Therefore, we ensure that all remediated objects are thoroughly and safely disposed of.

What makes blood so difficult to remove is the hemoglobin inside the blood, which causes the liquid in the blood to begin to clot as soon as it is exposed to air. So, the very factor that helps us heal following wounds, makes blood so difficult to remove from fabric and other objects.

However, Biotrauma knows how to banish any signs of blood or trauma, no matter the situation – accident, death or crime – and get you back on the path to healing.

Call us today, and our technicians will immediately respond to your needs anywhere in the metro Atlanta area.