Hoarding Cleanup: Why You Need Professional Help

Although the causes of hoarding remain mysterious, it is a condition that affects over one million Americans. What we do know is that compulsive hoarding—the need to stockpile objects—can be hazardous to property and health. Hoarding situations generally occur when there is an underlying psychiatric disorder such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit disorder or depression related illnesses. Compulsive hoarders may have difficulty getting rid of objects for a variety of reasons, from anxiety that the items will be needed later to sentimental attachments or concerns about being wasteful.

Cleaning up a hoarding situation and making the space clean and livable can be a big job for anyone to tackle. While it may seem overwhelming to deal with, the risks of allowing a hoarding situation continue are many; however, Biotrauma has the expertise to manage what may seem impossible to deal with. We have been providing professional remediation and hoarding cleanup services to the southeast for over 12 years.

Why is it so important to get professional help cleaning up a space taken over by hoarding?

Risks of Hoarding

If a hoarding situation develops, you may need professional remediation services to manage cleanup. These services are meant to negate the potential consequences of unchecked hoarding—consequences that range from health risks and property damage to other safety concerns.

Hoarding Risks:

  • Breathing problems are common
  • Animal carcasses may be rotting under piles of junk, causing foul odors
  • Rodents may eat through wires, possibly disrupting electrical functions
  • Household plumbing may cease to function properly
  • Personal safety may becomes a potential problem as piles of objects collapse
  • Accidental fires
  • Fire department cannot gain access to the house or property due to clutter
  • Loss of property due to local health department condemnations
  • Break-ins are more common
  • Infections from poor sanitation
  • Potential problems are endless but not inevitable

Hoarding Cleanup Services

When hoarding significantly limits a person’s lifestyle, either directly or indirectly, the need for professional cleanup is clear. If someone in your life is unable to cleanup an overwhelming hoarding mess, Biotrauma’s team is ready to provide remediation. Backed by extensive training, Biotrauma applies specialized cleaning techniques and equipment to not only remove clutter, but also decontaminate all surfaces and remove odors.

Our Hoarding Cleanup Services include:

  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Professional/technical support tailored for your needs
  • Specialized decontamination
  • Custom services conducted with sensitive to your situation
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Immediate dispatch of a professional team
  • EPA-certified and OSHA approved decontamination techniques
  • Technicians are fully covered by general liability insurance

With these services, Biotrauma’s goal is to reduce the emotional and financial strain of what is often a difficult situation. We understand that each instance is unique and our technicians operate with sensitivity to these issues. If you need these services, there is no better time to begin cleanup. We will get started right away assessing the situation and collaborating on a plan of action to restore your peace of mind.

Allowing a hoarding situation to continue building up will simply create more risk within your loved ones living space. You can contact us anytime, day or night, we have professionals on call 24 hours a day—ready to begin the cleanup process.

We want to help you restore your loved ones home or office spaces into safe, livable environments.