Georgia IAI Training and Meeting Dates for 2010

In our role as laboratory specialists, crime scene analysts, latent print examiners and other professionals, we may not realize that well chosen words are foundational to the judicial community. Prosecutors rely heavily upon our written reports to substantiate the findings from our laboratory work. A misplaced word could create a misunderstanding or worse, suggest a conclusion that did not take place. Judges and juries listen attentively to the phrases we use during our testimony. They search for answers to the questions that arise when attempting to determine a suspect’s involvement in a crime or to exonerate the innocent. At times it is simply a phrase or two that clarifies and provides greater understanding or our words may tend to confuse or distort. It has been said, as humans we tend to speak most often without carefully considering our words. We become enmeshed in the desire to complete our given tasks expediously as we move along from case to case. May we all consider anew the words we use as we provide the results of our investigative work. Let us be ever mindful of the importance of choosing our words carefully and ensuring we remain professional in our efforts.
Spring Meeting—March 26th at Carrollton PD
Summer Meeting—June 25th at Forsyth County SO
Fall Conference—October24th—28th in Savannah, Ga. at the Mulberry Inn