Spring or Winter? The Four Seasons of Biohazard Cleanup

Is it spring? Is it winter? If you live in the Midwest, or really anywhere in the US this time of year, you have probably asked yourself this question a few times a week…or in a day. The seasons can’t seem to make up their mind, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a pattern, at least in the business of crime scene cleanup. While the snowflakes and gusts of wind might evoke memories of the holidays, they tell a different story for those in the biohazard cleanup business.

Whether you’re packing an umbrella or a snow shovel, follow along as we explore the four seasons of biohazard cleanup.

Spring Showers Bring More Than Just Flowers

Much like the Spring season, reality can be harsh. And the truth is that suicide rates tend to spike just as the winter cold subsides. This is contrary to assumed beliefs about the holidays, or winter depression. In an article on LiveScience, researchers examined both the physical and social causes that contribute to this phenomena. “It’s possible that people who are depressed can’t muster the energy to make and go through with a suicide plan in the winter,” said Dr. Adam Kaplin, a professor of psychiatry and neurology at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. The article also lists physical causes such as inflammation, which can affect the mind as well as the body.

Summertime is Prime Time for Crime Scene Cleanup

As temperatures spike, so do tempers. A New York Times article on summer killings in New York City cited a CDC study that found a national increase in homicide numbers between the months of July and September. Journalists also examined the data and concluded that “when the temperatures rise, people hit the streets, and New York becomes a more lethal place.” No matter where you live, summer is when we get out more. There are more parties and backyard BBQs, and more excuses to travel. People go out to clubs and bars, socialize and drink. They let their hair down. Other experts have argued that an increase in temperature means people are more quick to anger, but the bottom line is still the same: more people equals more opportunities for crime…and more crime means crime scene cleanup.

Fall is for Workplace Safety

It may sound a bit tongue-in-cheek, but autumn is a good time to remember workplace safety. Accidents can happen anywhere, year-round, in your home or place of business. Whether you use a ladder to fix a lightbulb in your office, or work around heavy industrial equipment, the risk is present. Help protect yourself and your co-workers by understanding and following the safety precautions set out by your company. Furthermore, OSHA regulations require that blood and other biological fluid be cleaned and disposed of in medically approved containers by trained employees wearing personal protective equipment. Most companies don’t have the resources required to properly train or manage their own staff on these important aspects of blood cleanup, so hiring a professional cleanup company like Biotrauma is a cost-effective method of dealing with industrial and biohazard cleanup.

Winter Weather Means Winter Flu

When we think of winter, we think of the holidays, of times spent with family and friends. We also think of snow and hot chocolate…and the unpleasant possibility of catching a cold, or even the flu. Different regions of the world experience flu seasons at different times. In North America, flu strikes hardest in the winter, but the exact timing and duration of flu seasons vary. According to the CDC, seasonal flu outbreaks can happen as early as October, but reported cases seem to peak between December and February and can last as late as May.

But unlike the flu, serious illnesses like H1N1 (Swine Flu), C. diff, E. coli, or MRSA have no set season. They also take more than hand sanitizer and chicken soup to cure. If contagious illnesses are a concern for you, the experts at Biotrauma can help relieve some of your worries with a full communicable disease cleanup.

Year Round, We’re Here To Help

No matter the season (or the weather), Biotrauma technicians are available nationwide to help you with all forms of biohazard cleanup. Call us 24/7 at 877-872-4339 for immediate assistance.