WDUN 550 AM talks Biotrauma Industry

Monday May 21, 2007 – WDUN 550 AM’s morning show with Bill and Joel aired a segment this morning which featured the Biotrauma® Remediation (often referred to as crime scene cleanup) industry and its utility to the community. A guest on the show was an author of a book which touches on such issues as friends and family taking on a cleanup outside of the auspices of professional training or psychological readiness – simply because they weren’t aware of the availability of a service like ours.

Biotrauma, Inc. applauds WDUN in getting the word out and encourages other educated individuals to step forward and to the same in whatever way capable. As the community becomes progressively aware of certified decontamination services, the less exposure incidents will occur amongst the traumatized.

If you would like to assist in the educational process, please contact us.
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