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Suicide Cleanup in Birmingham AL, Attempted Suicide resulting in Blood and bodily fluid cleanup

Birmingham Alabama Suicide Cleanup
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Suicide Cleanup : Birmingham Alabama Blood Cleanup from Attempted Suicide

Attempted Suicide Cleanup in Birmingham AL resulted in strong blood and bodily fluid odor and blood and body fluid on a love seat and floor.The Authorities confirmed scene release an that all evidence had been collected. All fluids posed risks for the contraction of blood borne pathogen related illnesses such as the potential bio hazards re-mediated.

Potential Biohazards Remediated

  • Hepatitis: A,B,C,D,E,G
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Human T-Lymphotropic / C-Diff / E Coli / Salmonella

Once initial photos were taken the crew dressed in PPE and began remediation of the contaminated area. All contaminated items were photographed and recorded on the discarded items log and then bagged for disposal. All Bio Affected areas on the couch and living room were cut out and bagged for disposal. All Bio affected areas on the wood flooring was treated with an application or Reylon and allowed to soak for 10 minu ted and then wiped down per surface area for proper disinfection. Technicians cross-examined the entire scene under heavy illumination as the final inspection. It was at this time the attempted suicide cleanup scene in Birmingham Alabama was certifiably decontaminated. All remaining waste ans gear were then packed away in the truck. The ozone generator was left for a period of seven days.

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Biohazard Cleanup Equipment

Over the past 10 years, billions of dollars have been doled out to states for biohazard cleanup equipment in order to prepare themselves against biohazards and bioterrorism. Specific types of emergencies can include anthrax, smallpox, chemical emergencies, natural disasters and radiation emergencies. Each situation would include different types of biohazard cleaning equipment. Read more