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Family Services : Residential Suicide Cleanup in Atlanta GA

Dealt with insurance company, so the family didn’t have to. Provided immediate response for the home owner. Mitigated all risks for bloodborne pathogens related illnesses resulting in zero (0) post-incident exposures.

I can’t say enough about what Biotrauma does. I don’t know what people would do without them.”
-Jeff Jerald , Friend/Estate Manager

A young mother takes her own life, while the father is in prison. Their two year old daughter stays with the next door neighbors, and the family is left with the problem.

How To Remove Odor From Your House In 3 Easy Steps

Removing a potent odor from your house can be as easy as 1-2-3. Unfortunately for most people, they fail to properly treat the source of the odor and wind up trying unsuccessfully to mask the odor. The resulting mix of odor and air freshening leaves an awkward smell that will not go away anytime soon. Follow the 3 steps below to remove odor from your house. Read more