Alabama Trauma, Suicide and Crime Scene Cleanup

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Alabama Trauma Cleanup
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Trauma, Suicide and Crime Scene Cleanup

Biotrauma, Inc. provides professional human Biotrauma® remediation services for families or companies facing the aftermath of a homicide, suicide, accidental, or unattended death.

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Services We Offer

  • Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Natural Death Clean Up
  • Trauma Scene Clean Up
  • Suicide Clean Up
  • Homicide Clean Up
  • Hoarding Clean Up
  • Biohazard Clean
  • Hazardous Waste Clean Up
  • Odor Cleaning
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Who typically pays for Biotrauma, Inc.'s services?

In most cases, home or property insurance companies will pay the claim for Biotrauma™ cleanup services. When coverage is awarded, it is usually under a home owner’s policy that is not considered to be a “named-perils policy”.

Named perils policies usually only covers fire, lightning, windstorms and hail, explosions, riots/civil unrest, smoke damage, aircraft and vehicles, vandalism, theft, falling objects, water damage, and snow weight. These policies are not as common as typical homeowner’s policies.

In the event that Biotrauma’s™ crime scene cleanup services are not covered by named perils policies or others, Biotrauma, Inc. will provide a quote directly to the property owner.

How quickly will Biotrauma, Inc. arrive?

We are a 24 hour service, and technicians will be dispatched to your location soon after receiving the call. Biotrauma, Inc. understands that true 24 hour service means complete accessibility. Our operators stand by at all hours of the day and night, often times answering the phone on the first ring.

We have technicians in your area and will dispatch to your location upon receiving your call. Should you be prompted at any time to leave a message, your call will be immediately returned thereafter.

How long does a Biotrauma cleanup job take?

The length of time it takes to perform a Biotrauma® cleanup will vary. However, our technicians work through the night to remedy the situation and allow the family or property owner to regain access. We work as quickly as we can while still being extremely thorough in our biotrauma cleanup efforts.

Once the property has been treated for all hazards and is certifiably safe, the restoration process is put in motion. This includes, in any combination, painting, drywall replacement, carpet replacement, subfloor replacement, and many other services. Biotrauma, Inc. will monitor the installation of these items to ensure a timely result in the restoration of your property to its pre-incident condition.

Most restoration efforts can be completed the very next day after the property is treated. However, in order to properly match up carpeting, three days must be given in order to order the correct style and grade of matching carpet.

Why can't I do bio-hazard clean up myself?

There a great deal of state and federal mandates that govern the bio-hazard clean up industry. There are a great number of risks for a business who chooses to perform bio-hazard clean up internally, including:

    • Employee exposure to hazards that can cause numerous diseases and medical conditions. Among these are Critical Incident Stress Syndrome and Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder. Exposure can result in workers compensation claims and other liabilities.


    • State and Federal mandates have been established regulating the collection, handling, and disposal of human bio-hazardous waste. Companies can face serious penalties for not adhering to these regulations.


  • Personnel conducting hazardous water collection and disposal are required to follow specific training and medical mandates set by state and federal agencies. Failure to comply can result in serious penalties.
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The Biotrauma Team

As veterans of the United States Marine Corps, we apply our meticulous work ethic and attention to detail to our work in the civilian sector. Our focus is in providing fast and thorough Crime Scene Cleanup services while yielding the proper respect and honor to the deceased and their family.

Biotrauma team
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