Shore Sweep at Flat Creek

In response to concern about Flat Creek as highlighted by the Gainesville Times, Biotrauma, Inc. hosted a Shore Sweep on August 24th, 2007. The event was a great success, transforming the aesthetics of roughly 1 mile of shore on Lake Lanier.

Biotrauma, Inc. hosted its first annual shore sweep at Flat Creek on Lake Lanier on Friday, August 24th 2007. The event was mentioned on WDUN 550 AM by political commentator, Martha Zoller. Flyers were seen all over downtown Gainesville, and in the hands of students at Gainesville College.

The Sweep was a great success. Several young volunteers showed up to make a difference at Flat Creek– a place cited by the Gainesville Times to be the most polluted site on Lake Lanier. One Mile of shore
was cleaned and some twenty bags of refuse were removed from the area. The five hours spent on-site made a huge difference toward the aesthetics of the shoreline.

As stewards of the environment, Biotrauma, Inc. uses the only hospital-grade disinfectant approved by the EPA for use outdoors—RelyOn. Our intent is to protect our community in every way feasible.

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