Gunshot Residue Collection Kits

Wednesday February 04, 2009 – The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has changed its approved GSR kit supplier from Sirchie to Tri-Tech Inc. According to GBI, the new kits will get better quality results and take less time for analysis. There are new collection procedures with the Tri-Tech, so crime scene technicians should carefully read the instructions before using a kit for the first time.

Beginning March 1, GBI labs will accept only the Tri-Tech kits for analysis. At the same time, GBI will stop conducting GSR analysis on kits collected from gunshot victims, including victims of suicide. Residue found on victims provides no additional information, GBI explained in a law enforcement alert.

This last may not be a hard-and-fast rule. Anyone with special circumstances regarding a victim with GSR should contact Tammy Jergovich, Trace Evidence Section Manager, at 404-270-8266 or Michael McCarriagher, GSR analyst, at 404-270-8530.
Meanwhile, GBI has lost its supplier for Blood Alcohol/Urine Only collection kits. For now, GBI suggests that agencies order generic kits from Sirchie or Tri-Tech. The prices will be much higher without a statewide contract in place, so agencies should keep orders small until a new supplier is found.

A Division of Forensic Sciences submission forms will need to accompany the generic kits.
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