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Trauma Scene Cleanup Questions and Answers
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Q: Are there any laws that govern the manner in which a cleanup is executed?

A: Yes. OSHA (Title 29 code of regulations 1910.1030, 1910.134, 1910.1200), EPA (CFR Title 40 Vol 23 parts 262/263), and the Georgia D.N.R. (rule for hazardous waste management chapter 391-3-11) all establish compliance guidelines for a decontamination procedure. Any decontamination procedure should be referenced against these codes.

OSHA mandates require the proper training, equipment, and vaccination of all persons performing Biotrauma™ remediation. EPA regulations dictate the disposition of hazardous wastes and their disposal. Georgia State Law requires that anyone performing Biotrauma™ remediation must apply for approval regarding which methodology of decontamination procedure they are using.

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