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Trauma Scene Cleanup Questions and Answers
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Q: How much do I need to do when Biotrauma, Inc. is done with a death scene cleanup job?

A: Nothing. Biotrauma delivers a comprehensive death scene cleanup solution. After we use hospital grade disinfectant and odor neutralizing technology, our property restoration technicians repair or replace any flooring or structural damage that may have occurred.

Most restoration efforts are completed by the next day following the treatment. Carpeting can take up to 3 days longer, since the correct style and grade must be ordered to match the existing carpet in the remainder of the home.

Our highly trained death scene cleanup technicians will monitor the status of your home in order insure the restoration of the property to its pre-incident condition in a timely manner. This allows families to focus on each other during traumatic times instead of worrying about the damage done to their property. Another reason why we hold timeliness, efficiency, and attention to detail as core values

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