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Q: Can Biotrauma take care of blood odor problems?

A: Biotrauma utilizes ozone generator technologies followed by an Odorcide 210 treatment that kills the blood odor problems and leaves a property smelling like new.

By utilizing ozone generators with ultraviolet technology, a stable output of ozone can be generated in the environment. Most other companies utilize corona discharge ozone generators which require a constant feed of oxygen to have a reliable output of ozone. Unfortunately, properties have a finite level of oxygen, especially when rooms are sealed off. By the employment of ozone generators on a property, the blood odor will be completely absent.

Following the removal of blood odor, it is good practice to lay down industrial grade air fresheners. This is because the human mind closely associates smell with memories. If a family reenters a property fully cognizant of what previously happened without smelling anything, it is possible that they could imagine an blood odor problem which could trigger unnecessary psychological trauma. An application of Odorcide 210 negates this risk.

Our services include:

  • blood odor cleanup

  • eath odor cleanup

  • bodily fluid cleanup

  • decomposition odor cleaner

  • decomposition odor cleaner

  • odor cleaning

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