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Trauma Scene Cleanup Questions and Answers
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Q: What are the consequences of going with an unskilled or uncertified crime scene clean up service when posed with a biological decontamination problem?

A: Re-occurring carpet stains, lasting odor problems, and risk of contracting one of the aforementioned blood born diseases can occur. All of these issues will cause trouble when you are trying to sell the property – especially if you don’t have a certifiable certificate of treatment which is typically issued after a biological decontamination.

Often times regular carpet cleaning companies or restoration companies will quote lower than a standard Biotrauma™ remediation service. The property owner must insist upon the use of EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants, the excavation of all contaminants even to the lowest point of saturation, and ask for proof of a secure property once the biological decontamination has been completed.

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