Directory of Crime Victim Services

Friday January 30, 2009 – Make sure victims find your agency when they need help after an incident. The Office for Victims of Crime operates an online directory searchable by agency, location, and types of services offered.

Most local agencies that have received federal grants for victim services are automatically listed in the search engine. Others need to apply for listing.
To make sure your organization’s information is correct, go to the Directory of Crime Victim Services, select the state, type the agency name, or search by city. If anything needs to be changed in your entry, click the “Update Your Listing” button at the top of the search results page.

Or, if you do not receive federal funds and want to add your organization, click the “Add Your Agency” button on the same page and follow the instructions. The content will be reviewed for verification and to make sure it meets OVC criteria before it is posted.

Important: If you receive VOCA grants, do not use the Web site to update information. Contact your state grant administrator.
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