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Trauma Scene Cleanup
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Dealing with the emotional aspects of trauma is difficult enough without having to worry about the harsh realities about the need for trauma scene clean up. Families are grieving the loss or injury of a loved one; property owners are processing the shock of what happened at their building. At Biotrauma, Inc., we understand the difficulties you’re going through, which is why we have developed trauma clean up services that deliver complete remediation without worry.

Our trauma scene cleanup team provides comprehensive cleaning and repair services to homes, offices and other properties that have been the scene of a biohazzard accident or crime. We will remove any biohazardous material that was affected by the incident, including carpet, subfloor and drywall, and then return your property to its original condition.

Experienced Trauma Scene Clean Up Teams

With our extensive training and trauma scene clean up experience, we understand what it takes to safely remediate your property. In that environment, the probability for biohazardous toxins is high, but our training and equipment allows us to neutralize the threat, complete physical reconstruction and allow you to fully start the grieving process.

You have enough to worry about right now. Call for our trauma scene clean up services now. We are ready to help in your time of need. [dcscf-link text=”Contact Us Now”] for non emergency situations, and more information on our trauma scene cleanup services.


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