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Suicide Cleanup
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Suicide Cleanup : Removing Blood

Dealing with a suicide is an extremely difficult situation. As you struggle with the shock,suicide cleanup of the affected area is an unfortunate but necessary detail. Biotrauma, Inc. strives to provide confidential and quick blood cleaning services after a suicide while maintaining respect for the deceased.

If you are a family member, property owner or manager responsible for suicide cleaning remember these important details. To protect the current and future occupants of a property, bio hazardous materials like blood must be properly treated, or else it could pose serious health risks. Biotrauma, Inc. technicians are trained in OSHA and EPA-certified techniques that properly decontaminate an area with hospital grade disinfectants. This is the most effective method of limiting health risks. For a business, a certified cleanup is a must.

Our comprehensive suicide cleanup services include returning all structural elements, such as carpet and paint, to their previous condition. Once this step has been completed, we also provide a Certificate of Treatment that transfers any future liability to Biotrauma, Inc.


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