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Marine Crime Scene Cleanup

In the aftermath of a violent or unattended death that results in the mandatory management of hazardous bio waste, reliable crime scene cleanup services are a valuable commodity. As a law enforcement officer, coroner, funeral home director, or other official who guides families through these tumultuous circumstances, maintaining a professional relationship with a crime scene cleanup team can be very helpful for a family in need.

Biotrauma, Inc. works with public officials across the southeast to properly and immediately remedy the hazards that stem from a crime scene. Cleanup services not only include cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing, but also the complete remediation of a scene including the repair of any structural damage.

Crime Scene Cleanup and Property Risk Management

Property managers are especially poised to benefit from our comprehensive crime scene cleanup services. Dealing with the aftermath of a suicide, homicide, or decomposition involves properly managing the scene to limit future risk. Biotrauma, Inc. utilizes state of the art technology and OSHA and EPA-certified techniques to clean and dispose of all biohazards. Upon completion, we provide a Certificate of Treatment that guarantees the property has been decontaminated with hospital grade, EPA-registered disinfectants, thereby transferring any future liability to Biotrauma, Inc.

Contact us now to learn how our crime scene cleanup services can help you manage a difficult and potentially dangerous situation. Biotrauma™ was founded by two Marines whoe were assigned to the United States Marines Mortuary Affairs division, and now use the skills they learned in the Marines for crime scene cleanup.


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