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Hoarding Cleanup Service
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Who Needs a Hoarding Cleanup Service?

Compulsive hoarding is defined as the excessive acquisition of items and the refusal to dispose of them—even. Hoarders will even hoard items that are hazardous, useless or unhygienic. Recent media coverage has brought hoarding and hoarding cleanup into the mainstream. As a result many more people understand how destructive hoarding can be. More than just messy accumulation, hoarding interferes with the daily activities of hoarders such as cooking, showering, sleeping and especially cleaning.

More than having just a cluttered home, a compulsive hoarder:

  • Will refuse to dispose of items that are useless, such as trash, to the point that they can’t get around their home any longer.
  • Is at risk from health and safety hazards. Without hoarder clean up services, hoarding can cause fires, injuries from tripping and extremely unsanitary conditions due to vermin or insect infestations.
  • Does not realize the extent the deterioration of their house has reached and how, without hoarding clean up services, they can properly care for their pets, their property or themselves in the home.

Hoarding Hurts Landlords Too

Hoarding not only puts individuals at risk, but also homes, thus making them more difficult to insure. Landlords are often victims of hoarding. The cost to the home, the cost to cleanup hoarding, the lost rental money from the time the house sits while being cleaned are all financial damage that hoarders cause to landlords. Property owners need to be proactive in identifying a hoarder who is living in their property and removing the hoarder and the mess immediately. There need to be clauses in rental contracts that allow landlords to evict tenants for hoarding. Specific inquiries into hoarding habits is something that should be a part of pre-rental background checks.

4 ways hoarding puts homes at risk are:

  • Fire
  • Structural Damage
  • Blocked Exits
  • Poor Maintenance

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BioTrauma, Inc. understands the unique issues that are associated with hoarding clean up and how it differs from other biohazzard cleanup situations. This knowledge allows us to provide the most thorough and effective treatment possible for your cluttered home. Our technicians are skilled at providing rapid and thorough hoarder clean up services that address all contamination issues while providing the speed and sensitivity you need.

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