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If you’re facing the complexities of a death on your property, it’s important to immediately understand the biohazards that must be dealt with. During such a difficult time it’s hard to think past the emotional strain to biohazzard cleanup—which is why Biotrauma, Inc. was created.

Biohazzard cleanup is governed by a number of state and federal mandates designed to ensure biohazzard cleanup crews are trained to properly clean up biohazzard waste while ensuring there is no exposure to biohazards that can cause numerous diseases and medical conditions. Our personnel undergo extensive biohazzard clean up training to quickly, safely and effectively get your property back to its original condition, allowing you to continue with your grieving process.

If there has been trauma, a natural death, or suicide, there is residual Biohazzard material leftover which is extremely hazzardous.

While it’s important to understand the importance of proper biohazzard clean up, we don’t want you to stress over it.

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For non-emergency cleanups, you may also contact us to request a Free Biohazzard remediation consultation.


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