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When an accident or tragedy strikes, no one is prepared for the emotional and physical toll it can take. When an unfortunate event takes place, family and friends should not be asked to put their lives back together as well as the scene of the accident. That is where Biotrauma, Inc. can help.

Biotrauma, Inc. is a biohazard remediation service specializing in cleaning and repairing homes and offices that have been the scene of biohazardous accidents and crimes. The biohazard cleaning & training experience of Biotrauma, Inc.’s staff makes them a leading alternative for those facing the daunting task of picking up where a tragedy has left off.

Biotrauma, Inc. provides a biohazard cleaning service for those forced to deal with difficult situations. They know how dangerous it can be to try and repair one’s property without the proper biohazard training and cleaning equipment. The probability for biohazardous toxins is high, and they can neutralize the threat. Their crew of certified, trained professionals remove any biohazardous material in a room that has been affected by the accident, such as carpet, subfloor and drywall. Biotrauma, Inc. returns your property free from contamination and restored to its original condition.

This profession requires working with people on the worst day of their lives. Biotrauma, Inc. understands that and is happy to offer their services as a way to help. Founders Ben Lichtenwalner and Ryan Sawyer’s training as U.S. Marines transporting the dead and wounded from the front lines of battle taught them never to view this as just a job. They know first hand that every incident affects real people, and that their task is more than physical reconstruction. Biotrauma, Inc helps start the grieving process by providing the much needed biohazard remediation service. They take this responsibility seriously, and are ready to help in your time of need.


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