Training Is Essential For A Georgia Coroner

Most people expect doctors to have to continue their educations long after their degrees are earned. After all, advances in medicine make this necessary to ensure that patients receive topnotch care. It’s hard, however, to think that a Georgia corner might also be required to head back to class on a regular basis. The reality is medical examiners in this state do have to stay on top of their game. Even though continued education for a corner won’t result in better patient care, it can help ensure that mysteries surrounding deaths are solved. Read more

Biohazard Cleanup Equipment

Over the past 10 years, billions of dollars have been doled out to states for biohazard cleanup equipment in order to prepare themselves against biohazards and bioterrorism. Specific types of emergencies can include anthrax, smallpox, chemical emergencies, natural disasters and radiation emergencies. Each situation would include different types of biohazard cleaning equipment. Read more

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