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Blood Cleanup in Atlanta Elementary School
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Blood Cleanup in Atlanta Elementary School

One of the sanitation workers employed at a school near Atlanta, GA arrived early to work and was reportedly stabbed and sexually assaulted by a nearby prowler. The incident produced widely dispersed contaminants extending from the main entrance, through the office space and main halls, and finally to a rear exit in the back of the facility. An array of clerical appliances and structural elements (to include walls and flooring) were extensively soiled with blood and finger-print dust as left behind by the authorities. The condition of the school thereafter posed a significant risk for bloodborne pathogens transmission and psychological trauma to several hundred young students.

A primary focus on staff-accessibility and readiness allowed for an immediate dispatch of the Biotrauma Service Team. The team arrived within drive-time (1 hour) and was ready to begin work prior to scene-release as discerned by the investigators. A protease enzyme treatment was applied to the soiled areas of the facility and was allowed to settle in for 30 minutes for optimal efficiency. Two Bio-Recovery Technicians conducted a thorough scrub-down under the supervision of a Master Technician, and later applied hospital-grade disinfectant Virkon (EPA Reg. # 71654-7) to the affected areas and adjacent sectors of the school. Lastly, our Master Technician carried out a detailed area-inspection via worklamp to fully eliminate exposure possibility amongst facility staff and students. The manpower and technology employed by our Service Team successfully kept facility down-time at 7 hours, which equated to one school/business day. A Certificate of Treatment was subsequently issued to the Facilities Director and served as a transfer of liability from the Elementary School to Biotrauma concerning any post-treatment exposure incidents. Presently, the school educates some 539 healthy young students.

Blood Spill Cleanup

Workers can be at risk of being exposed to blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS. The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines and standards that apply to blood borne pathogens and blood spill cleanup of the contaminated area. According to the CDC, hepatitis B virus can survive for at least one week in dried blood. The virus may survive on environmental surfaces, contaminated needles and/or instruments. Read more

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