Biotrauma trains deploying Marines on Biohazard Cleanup

Thursday June 18, 2009 – Biotrauma officer Benjamin Lichtenwalner and Crew Supervisor David Walker visited the Marines of PRP (Personnel Recovery and Processing) to talk about procedural improvements in the areas of decontamination, biohazard cleanup, and PPE usage for those Marines performing mortuary affairs duties overseas.

Classes were held on June 18th, 2009 which also gave Marines insight into structural decontamination, of which they were unaccustomed to. PRP Marines typically search for, recover, transport, and document the remains of fallen servicemen overseas, but sometimes are also called to serve in a cleanup capacity. Given their adaptive nature, Biotrauma thoguht it wise to share their knowledge on structural cleanup procedures, should the Marines be asked to perform that sort of work.

Biotrauma gives many thanks to their Marine counterparts, as we had our start in the Corps performing biohazard cleanup. We will continue to assist in the training of new Marines, and ultimately safeguarding our troops’ physical and psychological well being.
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