Biotrauma, Inc. website launches

Wednesday April 04, 2007 – To better serve our customers with immediate access to online inquiries and to provide extensive service information to our future clients, has been launched as an additional venue for immediate response.

From our site, users will be able to: submit inquiries for immediate response via the “Contact Us” form, review highlighted case studies from previous worksites, peruse our Frequently Asked Questions page and find answers to common inquiries, apply for employment, review our qualifications and professional associations, and keep abreast with current Biotrauma, Inc. news and featured articles.

Biotrauma, Inc. is proud to offer immediate response to families and property owners who have a need for trauma scene cleanup. We hope that this site will further the community’s ability to access qualified biotrauma® remediation technicians.

Additionally, we can be reached at (866) HELP-704.
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