Biotrauma, Inc. Now Serving Alabama

Thursday February 05, 2009 – After serving in Iraq as the first group of Marines to ever perform the duties of search and recovery for fallen servicemen, Ben Lichtenwalner and Ryan Sawyer returned home to create Biotrauma, Inc. – a compassionate death scene cleaning service for the emotionally distraught. Now in their third year, Biotrauma ( has expanded to offer its services in Alabama.

Since they’ve been in operation, Biotrauma has been spreading the word in the State of Georgia that a service like theirs is available to those in need.

“We estimate that nearly 80% of all incidents requiring a professional cleanup get handled by the family themselves” says Lichtenwalner. “People can’t just crack open the phone book to find someone who does what we do.”

Biotrauma states that improperly decontaminated homes pose risks for the contraction of bloodborne pathogens related illnesses such as H.I.V., Hepatitis, and others.

“Some studies have shown that the Hepatitis B virus can live outside the body for up to two weeks” says Sawyer. “It’s very important that families in these situations protect themselves by having things professionally remediated.”

Despite the physical risks present at a trauma scene, Sawyer and Lichtenwalner feel that the emotional stress associated with bio-hazardous incidents are the prime concern for their efforts.
“Nothing is more rewarding than assisting a family in obtaining closure after the loss of a loved one” relates Lichtenwalner.

Ryan Sawyer cites a biotrauma remediation performed back in late 2007 during the Christmas season wherein Biotrauma was called out to decontaminate a suicide incident. A young man had taken his life nearby the family’s Christmas tree, which ultimately had to be disposed.

“We were able to replace the tree for the family before we were finished, and we could really tell what that meant to them” Sawyer says. The Marines of Biotrauma say that this kind of scenario best represents their true calling.
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