Case Study : Suicide Cleanup in Atlanta Hotel

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Suicide Cleanup in Atlanta Hotel


Days Inn and Suites

Reactivated nearly 2% of facility units to rentable status, Room down-time based on cleanup time of 4 hours, Full site decontamination resulting in 0 exposure incidents.

We have been very happy with the work done on our room. Their crew came out as soon as requested, were very motivated, and finished the job quickly which enabled us to rent out the suite right after.

– Raj Patel
Hotel Manager
Days Inn and Suites, Norcross
[/reFader] The Days Inn and Suites is one of many hospitality establishments competing for business along Peachtree Industrial Road in Norcross, Georgia in the Metro Atlanta Area. Because of its placement in relation to I-85 and I-285, this hotel experiences a high rate of occupancy and requires full service capacity in order to achieve maximum revenue per day. A distraught guest rented a suite, laid down in the bath tub, and committed suicide via firearm thereafter. The blast produced a soiled area not only within the tub itself, but the surrounding areas of the restroom as well. The angle of the bullet trajectory was straight downwards which produced a hole near (but not connecting to) the drain. This caused biological contaminants to seep down into the second hole, which led to the foundation.

A primary focus on staff-accessibility and readiness allowed for an immediate dispatch of the Biotrauma Service Team from their Atlanta office. The Atlanta suicide cleanup team arrived within drive time (15 minutes), prescribed the course of action, and immediately began the decontamination process. A protease enzyme treatment was applied to the soiled areas of the facility and was allowed to settle in for 30 minutes for optimal efficiency. Our Master Bio-Recovery Technician then conducted a thorough scrub-down, and later applied hospital-grade disinfectant Virkon (EPA Reg. # 71654-7) to the soiled area and surrounding vicinity. The same process was applied to underneath the tub once it was removed in addition to the hole produced by the bullet. Lastly, our Master Technician carried out a detailed area-inspection via worklamp to fully eliminate exposure possibility amongst future suite guests. The manpower and technology employed by our Service Team successfully kept room downtime at 4 hours, with no facility down-time. A Certificate of Treatment was subsequently issued to the Hotel Manager and served as a transfer of liability from Days Inn and Suites, Norcross to Biotrauma concerning any post-treatment exposure incidents.

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