Death Odor and Removal and Decontamination for Family

Performed extensive decontamination and deodorization services for the cost of the insurance deductible, enabled residence occupancy following premises downtime of just one day, facilitated dialogue with insurance carrier to ensure coverage and eliminate hassles for family.

Biotrauma’s quick work made it possible for Ms. Smith’s family to fly in from out-of-town and stay in the home prior to the funeral service. They really helped us a lot!

Death Odor Removal
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Natural Death Odor Removal

An elderly woman dies of natural causes in her residence located near Atlanta, in Helen, GA. As the body was left unattended for several days prior to discovery, an intense odor problem affected the house. Additionally, a fair amount of body fluid seeped on and into the property which had been disturbed by the deceased’s felines.

Keeping the need for timeliness in mind, the Biotrauma Service Team dispatched immediately after receiving the call for service and arrived to the site within drive time (45 minutes). After having inspected the area of contamination, it was apparent that death odor removal treatment would be necessary and that the cats must be removed from the property. Animal control was contacted and notified that the cats had come in contact with contamination onsite. Per the family’s request, the animals were
transported to a destination of their choice and removed in a manner that mitigated the risk for exposure to the animal control officer. A protease enzyme treatment was applied to soiled areas of the residence, followed by a thorough scrub-down executed by our Bio-recovery Technicians under
the supervision of a Master Technician. Virkon (hospital-grade disinfectant, EPA Reg # 71654-7) was
applied to the contaminated and trafficked areas of the residence. Ozone generated technology was applied to remove the odor problem, and all waste was medically disposed of in accordance with federal regulations. Lastly, a Certificate of Treatment was issued to the property owner to authenticate
procedure compliance.

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