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US Marine Mortuary Affairs Unit Experience and Training

Biotrauma, Inc. was founded by Ben Lichtenwalner and Ryan Sawyer, both U.S. Marines who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While in Iraq, Lichtenwalner and Sawyer were assigned to the United States Marines Mortuary Affairs division, where their unit became the first Marines ever trained to collect, catalogue and clean-up the dead in a foreign battle zone.

In Iraq, the scope of their task grew into a humanitarian mission. Their biohazard cleanup services were used to secure any dead body, friendly, enemy or innocent by-stander. More than a necessity of war, their job became imperative to the morale of fellow troops. Having recent battle scenes lay unattended could be disheartening to even the most battle-tested Marine, and Lichtenwalner and Sawyer saw the difference their service could make in the lives of others.

After their tours of duty, Sawyer and Lichtenwalner wanted to use their training and experience as Marines to help those back home who were facing the reality of a tragedy. They began Biotrauma, Inc. in Gainesville, Ga., just north of Atlanta. Their mission is to offer the most professional and efficient clean up of a violent or unattended death scene by restoring it to its original condition.
As a result of their experience and professionalism, Biotrauma, Inc. has become a nationwide leader in biohazard cleanup methods in just a few short years. The growth has allowed Lichtenwalner and Sawyer to provide much needed services to families in need all over the Southeast.

The Biotrauma™ Difference

Understanding the emotional strain an accident or crime can place on a family. By participating in ceremonies for fallen soldiers in Iraq, Lichtenwalner and Sawyer learned that every victim is a friend, colleague or family member. This realization enables Biotrauma, Inc. to provide the most compassionate, competent biohazard cleanup services in the country.

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