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Crime Scene Cleanup
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Crime Scene Cleanup Company Biotrauma® Death is a traumatic experience, regardless of the circumstances. While the emotional toll surrounding these events is often all encompassing, there are frequently physical details that must be dealt with quickly. Biotrauma®, Inc. provides professional human Biotrauma® remediation services for families or companies facing the aftermath of a homicide, suicide, accidental, or unattended death.

Veteran Owned Trauma Cleanup Company

Founded by U.S. Marines who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Mortuary Affairs division

As veterans of the United States Marine Corps, we apply our meticulous work ethic and attention to detail to our work in the civilian sector. Our focus is in providing fast and thorough Crime Scene Cleanup services while yielding the proper respect and honor to the deceased and their family.

Suicide Cleanup Service

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank all of you for your quick response to the scene and the excellent job that you have done on cleaning up the residence. Hopefully this will allow our family to help heal faster... Again, my thanks to each of you! -J. Hester
The caring staff at Biotrauma understands that your home should be cleaned quickly as humanly possible after a death. This enables you to see to your affairs and be with the people who need you most—your family. We will dispatch immediately, and handle everything else. Our operators are on stand-by at all hours awaiting your call. The second we receive a call, a crew is immediately dispatched to your location, and will work through-the-night until the job is finished.

  • All we need is the name of the policy holder and the name of the insurance company. After we have the necessary paperwork signed, we will handle every detail of repairing your home, all the way down to replacement of carpet and paint if needed.

  • Any families financially or emotionally distressed during a time of need qualify to receive our services with assistance on policy deductibles. Should the insurance company pay our bill less the deductible, we will not collect it from you.
  • If you or your family is the victim of a crime, most states will pay a portion of the associated cleanup bill thereafter. This amount is put toward the invoice amount, and is typically received within 90-120 days. Biotrauma defers the payment and assists you in filing with the state.


Biotrauma, Inc. is the only company that will take your home from A to Z when it comes to post-cleanup repairs. All of this work may be covered by insurance and will be handled for you.

  • Biotrauma, Inc. is like no other post-tragedy service available. We go the extra mile to ensure that you and your loved ones are in the best of care.

  • Suicide Cleanup Service
    Fast, Private, and Certified Cleanup For Business and Property

    Biotrauma works with both Residential and Commercial properties and can provide you with a quick, affordable solution that will allow you to begin marketing, or renting your properties right away. Our staff is available 24 hours a day 7days a week.

    Our primary goal is to assist Financial Institutions with their recently acquired foreclosures providing a solution to any properties that may need to be cleaned or remediated. Biotrauma INC has been approved by both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for remediation on Residential Houses.

    We are licensed, bonded and insured, and adhere to EPA and OSHA rules and regulations. OSHA requires specific training and vaccinations to perform this kind of work. We provide a Certificate of Completion with each remediation that can provide documentation that the property was cleaned up appropriately and assist you with the sale of the property.

    Our cleanup services include but are not limited to:
    • Mold Remediation
    • Blood and Sharps Remediation
    • Content Removal of Residential and Commercial Real Estate
    • Meth Lab Identification and Remediation
    • Restoration Services
    Biotrauma would like to earn your business by becoming your preferred service provider.
    Crime Scene Cleanup
    Biotrauma likes to think of ourselves as an integral part of any law enforcement investigation. As the last people to see a scene and potential evidence, we have catered our process to help law enforcement by:
    • Scene Release Confirmation
    • Before a scene is remediated, an open line of communication is created with the responding authorities. We way we establish this, is that once a call from a family has been received, Biotrauma will confirm that the scene has been released. Communication between Biotrauma and First Responders prevents any potential crime cover up, and gives our crew firsthand knowledge of what they will be encountering.

    • Crime Scene Evidence Awareness
    • Biotrauma utilizes investigative style, photography, as the scene and any potential evidence will be erased after the remediation. Our photography depicts a chronological breakdown of the property. This detailed photography can be utilized in court cases, as well as additional investigations. And, as part of our standard operating procedure, when evidence is uncovered during the remediation process, all work will stop immediately, and the proper authorities will be notified.

    • Incident Remediation Report
    • Upon completion of a cleanup, Biotrauma completes an Incident Remediation Report. The IRR details all work performed on scene, our procedure, as well as any potential evidence found. Often times, law enforcement personnel have found this report to be instrumental in their investigation.

    Nationally Recognized as a Leader in Biohazzard Cleanup Methods
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